DaPoPa is a non-profit association launched in 2016 fueled by the inclusive work of dancer Clint Lutes. Its mission is to use artistic expression as a bridge between community, artistic and scientific research in relation to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

We create movement activities that are accessible to all and encourage the exploration of physical, social, cognitive and identity development. We provide a generous and safe environment and welcome participants of all ages and abilities to share their experiences whether or not they have been diagnosed with PD.

Our activities are influenced by topics related to Parkinson’s Disease and their connection with environmental awareness, social interactions and daily life. By working with the body to understand its possibilities and capacities, DaPoPa’s associated artists use themes such as pleasure, communication, intention, isolation and control to design our movement explorations. These are characterized by the study of touch, verbal and nonverbal exchange, body awareness, physical environment and lots of play! Through play we discover, learn and can interpret and answer questions in multiple ways.

DaPoPa is supported by a team of artists and volunteers, and benefits from the additional support of l’Album-AbcDanse, France Parkinson, micadanses and the Fédération Française Groupement Parkinson.


Ateliers (Classes)

Our ateliers are led by a rotating team of artists who guide the participants through diverse improvisation and somatic techniques. These techniques lead to increased awareness of social interaction, our bodies and our environment as well as increasing creativity, self-confidence and motor skills. We use play and nonverbal communication to initiate movement in a caring and supportive environment.

  • PARIS Mondays from 11am – 1pm in Studio So Schnell (in the dance center micadanses) 15 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier 75004 Paris Register HERE
  • GRENOBLE Thursdays from 2pm – 4pm at AbcDanse, 2 rue Général Marchand 38000 Grenoble Register HERE

Rencontres (Workshops)

Whereas the ateliers focus on acquiring dance tools and experience, the workshops invite participants to engage in a choreographic process. Using themes associated with Parkinson’s such as: intention, balance and blockage, these sessions develop movement from various angles by creating mini choreographic studies. Together, participants from all walks of life create, share and value each other’s contribution.

  • PARIS Saturdays October 12th & November 23rd, 2018 from 4pm – 7pm in Studio So Schnell (in the dance center micadanses) 15 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier, Paris 75004 Register HERE


Although we specifically invite those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, we actively seek out participants from all ages, experiences and interests in order to connect people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations. You’ll meet professional and non-professional dancers, therapists, doctors, yoga teachers and others looking for community.

For the season 2018/19 in Paris we have a special offer for our ateliers: we invite you to participate in 3 consecutive weekly Ateliers for free (Mondays). This continuity will give you a realistic idea of our practice and will answer many questions related to the experience such as:

  • How do I access the studio?
  • How do I prepare for the atelier?
  • What is expected of me?
  • Who are the other participants and the DaPoPa team?
  • How do I gauge my energy level for the activity and day?

More information?

For further information please consult our website: https://www.dapopa.com
To watch a video trailer of our events, look here:https://vimeo.com/210759187


+33 6 13 53 42 74

We look forward to moving with you! Détroubler le mouvement ! **

**This is a slogan that unfortunately doesn’t translate well to English – the French word “troublé” means disorder, but when something is “troublé”, it is cloudy. So, the play on words here is to ‘uncloud’ or ‘demystify’ movement and disorder. We like that.